Biographical Information
Home: Perth (formerly)
Occupation: Eradicus, later Reverse Flash's Minion assistance
Alignment: Bad/Evil
Affiliations: "Villains/Anti-hero, later possibly good"
Personality: Mean, Evil, Cruel, intelligent
Goal: marry Benson
Friends: Benson (occasionally), Reverse Flash (New Boss) Hans (one-sided), Eradicus (her ex-boss), Preminger, Rubber Chucky, Bob
Enemies: Brandon Buckingham, Nathan Fernandez, Mordecai, Margaret, Steven Patro, Gir, Benson (occasionally), Hans (One-sided), Veruca Salt
Likes: Evil, Benson
Dislikes: "Failing, being a good guy, Hans' physical love"
Show Information
First appearance: "E.R.A.D.I.C.U.S"
Latest appearance: "Buckingham's Last Show"

Ella-Mental is the Secondary Tertiary Antagonist in Season 25 to Season 30. She is a feline being with telepathic and telekinetic abilities. She is the only female minion Eradicus has, and seems to be the brightest of the four. She is rather vain, and obsesses over her looks.

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