Dr. Pendanski
Dr. Pendanski smiles at Brandon
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (formerly)
Alias: Dr., Mr. Pendanski
Species: Human
Nationality: America
Occupation: Brandon's Counsellor (formerly)
Alignment: Good, later Bad
Personality: Formerly: Gentle, kind, somewhat mean, responsible
Currently: Curious, rude, dimwitted, liar
Goal: Treat Brandon's friends gone wild
Friends: Brandon Buckingham (formerly), Hans, Mikayla
Frenemies: Ella-Mental
Enemies: Nathan Fernandez, Kevin, Jack Skellington, Benson, Katie Sandowkm, Brandon Buckingham, Pops, Skips
Likes: Trat Nathan like dirt, Brandon (formerly)
Dislikes: "Benson talking out of him, Ella-Mental's rudeness, Nathan"
Show Information
First appearance: "Benson's Day off"

Dr. Pendanski is a Brandon's former counsellor and a character who appears in That's What Friends Are For. Later in Season 28, he betrays Brandon and joins with the villains.

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