Crazy Brandon
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Date 03/02/14
Published By Brandon
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Roy Vs Nathan Brandon, Crash and The Madness Kart
Crazy Brandon is a 5th episode of season 1, is about brandon goes crazy in Ginger, Jack and Roy's Helmet and he's all mess'd up.


Jack Skellington, Roy Rooster and Ginger uses Brandon Buckingham to try out some inventions by the three. Brandon tried the Laser minder, shaveanater and stay-put-socks and Brandon was aggressive and tries to kill them but Brandon is stuck on the socks when Roy revealed there full of glue. Roy says Brandon's not happy and Jack has an idea. Jack, Ginger and Roy stayed up all night to bring out their latest invention and finally done it. The Next day, Brandon is still upset, Jack was holding something behind his back and Brandon immediately wants them to give it to him but instead put it on him. Their invention is Ginger, Jack and Roy's Helmet (other wise known as CRAZY HAPPY HELMET) now Brandon will always be Happy or Crazy at the same time. Brandon's mouth has the longest grin and goes do nice things. Inside the helmet is a small Cockroach who is control Brandon's happiness. The next day, Brandon was asleep with the helmet still on his head. Jack returned to Brandon's house and has a surprise for Brandon with Ginger and Roy. The small cockroach wakes Brandon up and goes tot hem evilly. Brandon tries to strangle Roy's neck and Roy dodges unexpectedly. jack puts on a song "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song. While Jack, Roy and Ginger were having a dancing gathering. Brandon jumps to the kitchen and gets a hammer to destroy the helmet and killing the cockroach. Brandon squishes Jack, Roy and Ginger with anger and never been that angry in his entire life revealing Jude and him were friends briefly. Brandon feels Better that his likes being angry an thanks them but scares them to say "happy to be your service?" and then a jump scare photo with a crazy laughter in the background of an evil smile of Brandon Buckingham.




  • There some mild swear words in some chapters.