Come Out, Pops!
Season 24, Episode 232
Vital statistics
Air date 22/09/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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The Slender Engine Brandon and Anna
Come Out, Pops! is the sixth episode in Season 24. it's about Pops stays in bed because his not sick.


Once a creature with a big head likes friends, unfortunately Pops will not come out because his not sick, he refuses to come out, Benson comes to see him, he was confused about he won't come out and then they argue, Pops wants a rest but benson also refuses to stay in bed, Benson made an offer, if he won't come out, he'll lock in his room for a year, Pops gets mad and pushes benson over then runs.

Nathan comes to see Brandon and he says someone pushed benson, and brandon swears that it wasn't him this time.



  • This may contains minor language

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