Brandon and Anna
Anna Skating
Season 24, Episode 233
Vital statistics
Air date 24/09/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Come Out, Pops! Five Nights at Freddys
Brandon and Anna is the seventh episode in Season 24. it's about Brandon Buckingham meets Anna.


At the shed-houses, Brandon wakes up and goes to the docks waiting for a new character, however, Nathan knows whats he doing, but he said she won't come here for the next couple of hours but Brandon doesn't care. 2 hours later, he feels tired and then suddenly the ship appears and the new character is Anna. She meets Brandon and Brandon was over exited and takes her to the ice cream store. The Dazzlings speed on them and makes there goal on Brandon and Anna, it's about they get rid of Brandon and make Anna join them, but first they go to do the song they going to to do.

Brandon and Anna get along well (about an hour) and then the dazzlings got there and was about to fight them, Anna tells Them to get lost, they refuses and then Anna punches one of the dazzlings' face into the water, then the other 2 runs away from Anna. There plan has failed then they make another plan from Eradicus, he said destroy him or they'll never sing for a month, they go find her and they see anna, they kidnapped her and puts her in the cell room, Brandon knows and founds here, unfortunately, the Dazzlings found out about Brandon tries to save anna, luckily, Katie defeats them and rescues Brandon and anna.

Brandon makes Anna join the heroes and see was exited, but Nathan thinks Anna goes a little weird and then another day was saved from the dazzlings and possibly Eradicus.


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