Brandon Vs. Eradicus
Season 26, Episode 247
Vital statistics
Air date 12/10/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon buckingham
Episode guide
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Pet Sitter Nath (Season 25) Oogie Vs jack: Beyond Perth
Brandon Vs. Eradicus is the first episode of Season 26. Brandon has a final battle against Eradicus.


Eradicus has finally got the most powerful sword and can finally destroy his arch-nemesis' once and for all. Later, Brandon Buckingham, Nathan Fernandez & Katie Sandowkm over-heard his plan and they need to team up before they'll get themselves screwed. Benson, Pops & Jack Skellington helps them to get to Eradicus with some abilities and advise. When they got up to Eradicus, Eradicus knocks Nathan and Katie out the way and Brandon has to fight all by himself with his new ability speed and punches Eradius a lot and kills him. Nathan and Katie came in and cheers Brandon for defeating the antagonist.

in the very end of the credits, Reverse Flash comes out of the ground and spots Perth and says "This town will be Mine!!"



  • This is Eradicus' last appearance int he series.

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