Brandon's jet Engine
Jet Engine1
Season 24, Episode 227
Vital statistics
Air date 11/08/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Town Alone Frozen
Brandon's Jet Engine is the first episode in Season 24. it's about Brandon rides the jet engine.


Brandon and Nathan gets pasted by Victor, then Victor Quartermaine and Mad Hatter gets bumped, then brandon reveals that his jealous of being fast and goes to Store! Store! and Skips shows the jet engine and brandon wants to try it out but skips refuses then brandon runs away crying. at 10:00pm, he still cries then he made a plan, he'll wake up 6:00 and try out the jet engine. he goes there and brandon puts it on and Wallace accidentally turns it on and brandon runs faster with the jet engine and want passes Nathan, Benson, Pops, Jack and Katie and Nathan realises that brandon stole Skips' jet engine and Nathan tells skips that brandon stole his jet engine and trys to chase him, Brandon, then, went passes Victor and Mad hatter then also chases him, Nathan and skips makes a plan to stop him then Nathan tells skips to crash him but brandon suddenly enjoys it and never stop. Victor wants him to stop but brandon refuses. Nathan and Skips sweats then Nathan puts an arrow to the "Toys" and Brandon gets bumped because he didn't look at when he passes the arrow. then victor and mad hatter also gets bumped at brandon. Katie asks what's going on and sees the accident. the next day, brandon will never go on the jet engine again and sees victor and mad hatter rushes by and stops just in time, Brandon and Nathan shouts Run!" then victor and Mad hatter bumps into each other and brandon and Nathan laughs at them and victor and mad hatter gets mad at them.


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