Biographical Information
Alias: kitten, foob, boofy
Species: Cat
Nationality: Austrailan
Occupation: Brandon's sidekick
Alignment: Bad, later neutral, later good
Personality: lazy, intelligent
Goal: Kill Nathan's schemes (possibly succeed in "Pet Sitter Nath")
Friends: Cheshire Cat, Brandon Buckingham, Nathan Fernandez, Benson (sometimes), Pops
Enemies: Benson (sometimes), Pops (formerly), Nathan Fernandez (formerly), Hans
Relatives: Brandon Buckingham (owner)
Likes: good, sleeping, petting
Dislikes: "bad, Nathan's schemes"
Show Information
First appearance: "Perth"
Latest appearance: "Foob's New Toy"

Boof Cat i the main animal for brandon's pet and possiby the minor protagonist

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