Anna Render
Biographical Information
Home: Arendelle

Perth (sometimes)

Occupation: Princess of Arendelle
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: "Heroines"
Personality: Free-spirited, fearless, energetic, benevolent, warm, kind, playful, bubbly, optimistic, awkward, spunky, clumsy, talkative, quirky, feisty, adventurous, naive, impulsive, fun-loving, clever, enthusiastic, loving, imaginative, selfless, innocent, impressionable
Goal: Get out of the cell from The Dazzlings (completed), make new friends
Friends: Perth: Brandon Buckingham, Katie Sandowkm, Pops, Oaken, The Dazzlings (formerly), Hans (previously), Skips, Benson

Once Upon A Doom!: Brandon buckingham, Olaf, Elsa, Katie Sandowkm, Sarah Sandow, Jack Skellington, Henry (formerly), Victor (Once Upon A Doom!), Emily, The Trolls

Enemies: Perth: Hans, The Dazzlings, Eradicus

Once Upon A Doom!: Hans, Marshmallow, Henry, Emily (formerly)

Relatives: Elsa (sister)
Likes: Her family, romance, freedom, chocolate, acceptance, appreciation, sandwiches, Krumkake, Flangendorfers, horseback-riding, anything warm
Dislikes: "Rudeness, restrictions, betrayals, being alone, the castle gates closed, Elsa shutting her out"
Show Information
First appearance: "Brandon and Anna (Perth Series)

The Doom Begins (Once Upon A Doom!)"

Latest appearance: "Divison Quest (Perth Series)

Finale on the wiki (Once Upon A Doom!)"

Anna is the deuertagonist in Brandon and Anna. She's one of the heroes in Oogie vs Jack Wiki. She's friends with Brandon and Katie except The Dazzlings because they kidnapped her in the first place.

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