Almighty Tallest Purple
Biographical Information
Occupation: one of the kings of Perth (formerly)
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliations: "Almighty Tallest"
Personality: determined, funny, idiot,
Goal: kill Steven Patro and get some snacks
Friends: Almighty Tallest Red (sometimes), Cheshire Cat, Margaret (crush), Brandon Buckingham and Benson
Enemies: Steven Patro, Brandon Buckingham (sometimes), Mordecai (possible), Zim (Usually)
Relatives: Almighty Tallest Red (Possible brother)
Likes: snacks, comedy, puppets
Dislikes: "Steven's determined, food (except snacks)"
Show Information
First appearance: "New Kings"
Latest appearance: "Buckingham's Last Show"

Almighty Tallest Purple (or Purple as a nickname) is a character who made a debut in New Kings. his best Friend is Almighty Tallest Red as one of the antagonist. Unlike other villains he is also a bit lazy and an idiot

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