Almighty Tallest is the 6th and true antagonists in Oogie vs Jack Wiki.

Almighty Tallest (Red and Purple)
Almighty Tallest's evillest grin
Homeworld Irk
Assignment To kill Steven Patro and rule the Irken Empire
Rank Tallest
Gender Male and Male (current rulers)
Any gender (previous and future rulers)

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Friends red: Almighty Tallest Purple, Benson, Cheshire Cat

Purple: Almighty Tallest Red, Brandon Buckingham, Benson, Margaret, Cheshire Cat

Enemies red: Steven Patro, Brandon Buckingham, Alameda Slim, Zim

Purple: Steven Patro, Brandon Buckingham (sometimes), Zim, Alameda Slim

Eye Color Red and Purple (current rulers)
Affiliation(s) Benson
First appearance New Kings

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